Radius Charger

A leg mounted power unit providing flexible modular power and data distribution. 

Radius Charger can be placed on any leg of our benches, and can easily be added to benches already installed. With a snapp and screw solution, the unit is easy to add or remove. Choose between your preferred combination of outlets and/or USB. 

Standard colour is black frame and black sockets, customize Radius Charger with the RAL color of your choice. Contact us for more information.

Soft Wiring (power):
Power wired to Wieland GST connector allows starter cables to be changed to suit requirements, especially useful during moves and changes (CHURN). Wieland connectors are used for an easy and safe connection between units and benches. 

Power only / Data only / Combined (Power & Data/AV). See Modular Components
Fusing: (to enable compliance to BS6396)

Earth Bonding:
A 250mm earth lead can be included to allow earth bonding to furniture.

Re-inforced insulation

100% testing - continuity, polarity, insulation & earth

UL962A/CSA22.2 and UL1363 
BS5733 compliant/certified

Variations - click for measurements

Reference cases

Keflavik International Airport