Environmental Policy

Green Furniture Concept was born out of a deep desire to be a forerunner in sustainable furniture design and development. Environmental, economic and social sustainability guides our development and is part of our soul as a company. As such, we commit to integrating these three sustainability parts into our business processes and continuous improvement of our environmental management.

We have an established plan to prevent the use of substances harmful to the environment and/or human health and promote the use of natural materials. Already at the drawing table, we implement the sustainable values to ensure a low tox product and process. Through the use of certifications and eco-labels, we set a baseline for our sustainability work. We always strive to go beyond our baseline.

We recognise the importance of considering the full life cycle of products and their materials. As such, we strive to use the principles of circular economy. We always try to find solutions to integrate the concept of material cycles into our product design and material selection. We aim for our products to be resources, not waste, at the end of their useful life.

Green Furniture Concept understands the importance of education and raising awareness of sustainable design. We promote up-to-date environmental consciousness and knowledge amongst the company’s staff as well as with architects, our customers and suppliers. We also give lectures on sustainable design to students, designers and policymakers. Green Furniture Concept understands the importance of a good work environment and people’s equal and inalienable rights. We ensure that the conditions for our employees and our suppliers are good and in line with the UN Declaration of Human Rights and the UN convention against corruption.