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New Product Catalogue Spring 2020

Browse the new catalog for 2020 and get a free rendering from one of our professional designers. Green Furniture is here to make a change in public interiors, and beyond. With visitor satisfaction at heart. Our concept is a configurable line of furniture for making long-lasting, natural places for people to linger. "Architecture-in-a-box", easily accessible, in shape with the flow and the building over time.

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Green Furniture Concept

We design seating and lighting for public interiors. Sustainability guides our development and is part of our soul as a company. Our modular seating series Nova C and Ascent give you the flexibility to create configurations as unique as your space with the potential to offer room for both interaction and privacy. Leaf Lamp is an ambient, noise-filtering and flameproof lighting solution that mimics the organic designs found in nature and is made entirely of natural materials.

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SMHI Headquarters Staff Restaurant, Norrköping

Gallerian Stockholm

Rathaus Neuss

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Are you looking for a great opportunity? Green Furniture Concept is a sustainable forerunner with a unique niche which we address with great success. We offer a full range series of modular furniture with very good feedback and satisfaction rates from our customers. 

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Green on Sustainability

Green Furniture Concept was born out of a deep desire to do good, take responsibility and always challenge ourselves and the industry to change for the better. We recognise the importance of considering the full life cycle of products, the materials used to make them and are always careful about the kind of chemicals used in our products. Our four sustainability cornerstones are: Chemical Awareness, Design and Resources, Reforestation and Post Sales Responsibility.


"Sustainability and tranquillity as a unique experience"

Peter Weinhandl, Airport manager, Malmö Airport, Sweden