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The new Seamless Bar Seater!

Discover the new flexible seating for our popular Seamless Table. Sit on your own, share a seat, stand between or lean against. The Seamless Bar Seater is not only flexible, it’s comfortable and beautiful too. And stays in place, unlike free-standing stools.

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We design placemaking modular solutions

We provide modular seating and lighting solutions for public space interiors, adding placemaking values and delivering a memorable experience with a positive impact for the visitor, the world, and everyone in between.

Ascent Seating

As its name suggests, Ascent is a seating system that elevates public space furniture to new heights. The series was created in consultation with architects and planners to create a flexible, modular system that could change and adapt as its surroundings evolve. Designed with placemaking in mind, Ascent’s soft contours, smooth textures, and sustainable wood make public space interiors warmer and more welcoming.

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Planning tool and layout planner

Let us design your next public space project

Our in-house designers will help you with a free 3D floor-plan rendering with our placemaking solutions.

Green places tell stories

You will find Green places all over the world. From an airport in Dubai, Topanga shopping mall in LA, to the train station at Stockholm Central. And we won’t stop there. Our vision is to make public spaces thrive, and we are challenging the perception of what a public space could look like.

Keflavik International Airport

Keflavik International Airport uses the Nova C seating series from Green to have a welcoming square with many seats. On an area of app 400 meters including isles where 5 million people pass every year, 240 seats in the shape of eight waves give a natural, free and easy place to stop and take a breath. The new design of the area slows down the pace and make passengers at ease, to the joy of the surrounding stores and Food & Beverage.

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“We’re on a mission to become forerunners in sustainable public space interiors. By working together as a global team, we can set a new standard for sustainable design that will spread around the world.”

We share industry knowledge and insights

We’re setting out to make sustainability the new standard for public space design by constantly seeking and sharing industry knowledge and insights.