Green Furniture Concept

We design seating and lighting for public interiors.  Sustainability guides our development and is part of our soul as a company. Our modular seating series Nova and IOU give you the flexibility to create configurations as unique as your space with the potential to offer room for both interaction and privacy. Leaf Lamp is an ambient, noise-filtering and flameproof lighting solution that mimics the organic designs found in nature and is made entirely of natural materials.


New! Nova C Recliner

The newest addition to the Nova C series is the Recliner, available with both single and double back. This is a lounge variant of our Nova C Back, made in an ergonomic, body-conscious design that fits a reclined seating position. Compared to traditional reclined one-seaters this is a more social seating, that fits a couple or a family. The armrests of the product make a perfect surface for a coffee cup, sandwich or laptop. 


Plant a tree (or 10 000),
grow the future

We have recently established a partnership with Hacienda La Tentación, a privately-owned agroforestry plantation in Colombia committed to reforesting the land and protecting nearby waterways. The initial group of 10 000 trees we are planting are dedicated to reforestation and the protection of waterways, which will have significant impact on forest ecologies, water management and the potential for biodiversity.


The new catalogue for 2019 is out

Leaf through our catalogue directly in your browser. See our products, services and benefits. Here you also can read how we can help you to create a sense of place for your environment.

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Planning Tools

Discover all our digital planning tools! 
Create your own design and add a custom layout to your floor plan, try some of our different material appearances and colours, and experience our furniture LIVE in your own space.


Spring/Summer 2019 palette

From bold, uplifting tones, to soothing, natural shades, our colours for Spring/Summer 2019 capture the vitality of the seasons to come. Each of these eye-catching tones reflects an aspect of nature that individuals take to heart. Whether chosen to complement architectural lines or add highlights to urban interiors, each of these four colours will energise and inspire.


Join the Green Team

Green Furniture is far from a standard company. Our stated mission is to influence the world. A single company can not do everything on their own, but by actively setting a successful example, and thereby affecting a move across our industry, we are convinced that we can create a global change.

We are growing fast and are currently searching for new employees to the Green Team, who are ready to join us on the journey to make a big change. This is a chance to work in a strongly growing company, with a clear ethical compass.


"Sustainability and tranquillity as a unique experience"

Peter Weinhandl, Airport manager, Malmö Airport, Sweden


Reference cases


Ivalo Airport, Finland

Waves Shopping Mall