Green Furniture Concept

The Green Furniture Concept - The marriage of design and sustainability that yields unique, eye-catching and highly-functional furnishings. Beneficial for indoor public landscapes. Sustainable brand boosters.

Seating & Lighting

We make modular bench systems for grand seating in scale with grand indoor spaces. Benches that shape a seamless seating line and can take any creative form. Grand acoustic lighting as natural ambiance-shapers, both visually and acoustically.

About the Green

Nature has its cycle, so has Green Furniture – natural and technical – using natural, upcycled or recycled materials in a loop. Genuine materials that efficiently can be kept in shape and that age with dignity.

Seamless Seating Concept

Green Furniture do benches that can curve to any shape. But there is so much more to our seamless seating concept. Watch the video and you will understand how we make a difference.

Join the Green Team

We are looking for Green Missionaries that strengthens the Green Team. Build Green business 'back home' with a base in the Greater Copenhagen area / Southern Sweden. Or back office Green Furniture.  

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Looking for product information?

In addition to the product overview and inspirational pictures our product catalogue offers practical information, all measurements required as well as pre-configured configurations. You can also try out different color schemes for the products.



Reference cases

Lowry Theatre, Manchester

Nice Airport terminal 1 & 2

Uvrier Centre, Lausanne