Designing healthcare spaces

Places inspired by nature have the power to nurture and soothe, bringing a sense of wellbeing to clinical environments. Natural materials and indoor planters generate a sense of wellbeing among patients and caregivers. Our designs bring them to clinical environments to make places that honour wellness and add holistic elements to healthcare. Our seamless seating designs are made of wood and treated with wax, naturally, antibacterial material that can withstand the surface disinfectants used in clinical environments. The seamless seating designs designate required distances between individuals while enabling families and caregivers to remain together.


Green healthcare projects

modular furniture waiting area healthcare malmö hospital

Marita Olsson, infection control nurse, Region Skåne

“Compared to furniture upholstered in artificial leather, which cracks and tears, hospital hygiene has improved. The benches are easy to clean. We have also noticed that nothing gets missed when the floors are washed, which shows that the benches can be separated and moved for cleaning in a way that meets our standards. The patients are also kept apart from each other a little, in that there is a set distance back-to-back. I am impressed!”

Design Tips

Biophilic design in healthcare enhances patient wellbeing

Lately, studies and research have shown the influence of the environment on the wellbeing of patients and staff in the health sector. Some of the results have shown the importance of thought through design and its effect on wellness and healing.

At Green, our placemaking design brings nature inside, so-called biophilic design. Using materials, colours, patterns, and shapes inspired by nature, creating a toolbox for designers to use in their work to make our healthcare facilities matter, a home away from home.

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