Designing retail spaces

We create places that make commercial centres more memorable, because feeling good is part of the experience. The fast-paced world of retail keeps people on their feet. That’s why we design places where shoppers can sit and unwind, keeping friends together while designating required distances for individuals too.
Our seamless seating and natural sound-absorbing materials create places where consumers can pause as they decide what to buy and where to eat. We make feeling good part of the retail experience, motivating consumers to refresh, reflect and return.


Green retail space projects

Public placemaking design Waterloo station London

Biophilic design for visitor wellbeing

Suppose we create a place where visitors feel good and relaxed, with a sense of connection to the place. We're setting new standards for shopping malls and other commercial areas by creating comfortable waiting areas using flexible and modular solutions. The biophilic design increases visitor satisfaction with the acoustic features and natural harmony to help slow down and lower the heartbeat. We've seen the results of people staying longer, respecting, and returning to.

seamless bench for kids in shopping mall

The retail effect

Furniture is a vital aspect of placemaking and can create architectural impact while being attuned to the individual story of a place. It can be unique, surprising and memorable and help to enhance local character. Placemaking furniture creates connections and improves visitor satisfaction. It suggests the use of space and place-specific ways of living, and it invites personal experience.

Rive Gauche Charleroi placemaking design

Retail traffic flow

The shapes and design of our furniture are an easy and beautiful way to optimize and control the traffic flow in crowded places like shopping malls. Create shapes and pathways that make it intuitive for the visitors to move in the desired direction. The modular design makes it easy to reconfigure and change these directions when needed.

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retail project in charlottenburg shopping center

Monica Nyland, Director of Charlottenbergs Shopping Center

“Charlottenbergs Shopping Center has long strived to create a pleasant atmosphere in our mall which is a plain construction with little details and high ceilings. We have many visitors and excessive wear on our furniture.
For the expansion of the shopping center in 2012, we needed more seating and lighting. Our architect (Tengbom, Karlstad) recommended Green Furniture’s products. We found them to be of high quality together with a great design and we chose to use them throughout the whole center. This has given character to our center and a pleasant environment for our customers; clearly appreciated and frequently used.
And last but not least, the furniture is just as great and solid today one year later (even the “taggers” have left them alone!), and it looks like we may enjoy the furniture for many years. We’re brilliantly satisfied!”

*In this project were used the previous versions of Nova C series.

Design Tips

Biophilic design in retail spaces creates visitor wellbeing

Biophilic design uses nature as a co-architect to design our places. It brings that connection into the place and encourages us to understand the importance of natural shapes, materials, colours, for our health and wellbeing.

The effect of biophilic design helps the visitors to bring the stress level down and enjoy their shopping experience.

Make places matter by creating a feeling of a home away from home. A place that visitors will engage with, respect and return to.

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