Designing transport hubs

We design for travellers and commuters, families, and individuals, making comfortable environments a part of every journey. Our placemaking approach uplifts waiting areas, brings new life to shops and cafes and creates areas that offer a sense of calm. We transform train and other station environments through seating and sleek surfaces, enabling commuters to work and recharge devices on the go. Seamless, sustainable, and easy to maintain, our designs for transportation environments will make them a destination to remember.


Green transport hub projects

modular seating at train station

Long lasting and circular design for a sustainable choice

If it's easy to maintain, replace, reconfigure, and recycle - it will last longer and stay timeless. We design our products using renewable and recyclable materials with the highest possible percentage of recycled and upcycled content. Seeing how well the seating is preserved in harsh locations like railway stations and schools, we know the quality is there for reuse—adding that our seating fits in public buildings of all eras, from late 19th-century railway stations to top modern airports - a proof of timelessness.

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Let us design your next transport hub project

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An interview with Christian Fricker, Train Station Concept Specialist and Senior Project Manager, SBB

In this interview for Global Railway Review, Christian Fricker, Train Station Concept Specialist and Senior Project Manager at the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB), shares opinions on the importance of station design in improving the passenger experience.

Design Tips

Biophilic design in transport hubs for enhanced visitor experience

Biophilic design uses nature as a co-architect to design our places. It brings that connection into the place and encourages us to understand the importance of natural shapes, materials, colours for our health and wellbeing.

Biophilic design helps the visitors bring the stress level down and enjoy the whole journey, not only the destination.

Make places matter by creating a feeling of a home away from home. A place that visitors will engage with, respect, and return to.

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