Wellbeing through placemaking hospital design

Published 17 December, 2021 by Adele Kamel

Covid has brought another light on the public space, and the demands for unique places, positive environments, and sustainable design are increasing. As well as the importance of putting the visitor safety and experience above all.

Healthcare design Ascent seating

Public places, such as healthcare facilities, are designed for the public, for us. They are full of stories and meanings. They mean different things to different people, and we all have our experiences from them. Although we cannot control what the experience for everyone is, we can do our best to improve the environment it takes place in as it can play an important role in healing and wellbeing.

Lately, studies and research have shown the influence of the environment on the wellbeing of patients and staff in the health sector. Some of the results have shown the importance of thought through design and its effect on wellness and healing.

Close-up on Ascent modular bench

Today, we’re seeing many designers and health administrators embracing the art of placemaking, progressing into a more patient-focused design, and waiting areas are becoming like a welcoming oasis, a home away from home. A caring ambiance that draws people in, making people feel good when they’re there, and most of the time, the visitor might not be able to explain why they feel good. They just know they do. This is the magic of placemaking when it’s done thoughtfully.

At Green, our placemaking design brings nature inside, so-called biophilic design. Using materials, colours, patterns, and shapes inspired by nature, creating a toolbox for designers to use in their work to make our healthcare facilities matter, a home away from home.

Our latest red-dot award-winning series Ascent was nominated and shortlisted for the European Healthcare Awards – Design innovation for quality improvement with our mission of making places matter. We got highly recommended among many innovative ideas and companies, and we are excited to see Ascent contributing to placemaking in both healthcare and other public spaces worldwide.

Ascent seating healthcare design awards