Hobart Airport Tasmania

Hobart Airport in Tasmania has transformed their departures lounge into an inviting area where travellers can slow down, sit back and enjoy. This project perfectly shows how our seamless place-making public seating and lighting series together with biophilic design can transform small and large scale spaces, by adapting to the surroundings with endless flexible shapes and colours. A project like this leads to a clearly increased passenger capacity, passenger satisfaction and an improved sense of place. 

The Hobart Airport project was carried through together with KFive + Kinnarps Australia and Hassell Architects.

Photo: Matthew Walsh, v1s1onforce studio


"I’ve just finished a visit of our Hobart Airport and had an opportunity to sit and experience the newly completed departure lounge enhancement project. What a change we have been able to make, and it's really wonderful to see how people are using the fur

Adriano Denni, Senior Associate and Aviation Design Leader, HASSELL