Seating solution in stockholm railway station
Seating solution in stockholm railway station Seamless seating at london bridge station station furniture in a ferry terminal Modular furniture in Victoria Station waiting area Sound absorbing leaf lamp tree Flexible seating in Stockholm Railway station Waiting area with seamless seating solution Sculptural seating in Everglades cruise terminal

Railway station furniture

We transform railway stations, bus & ferry terminals by designing comfortable station furniture for waiting areas. To offer a pleasent passenger experience, our modular furniture and acoustic lightning gives you the possibility to both integrate privacy and reduce the noise level as well as create public meeting points for interaction. Our placemaking design helps increase passenger satisfaction with it's biophilic features to create a cozy and natural athmosphere and reduce stress levels when travelling. Need help planning your next project? Get a professional free rendering and visuals from our in house RnD team.

Do you want to know more about how to increase passenger satisfaction and retail revenue by adjusting people flow and density rates through architectural building blocks? 

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