Airport benches for terminals & gates

As passenger capacity becomes a key issue, space-saving designs begin to solve seating shortfalls, often boosting passenger satisfaction in surprising ways. 

 “An airport should be designed with a flowing sequence of beautifully-lit, acoustically-balanced spaces,” says designer Johan Berhin.

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Universities & Schools

We develop sphere shaping furniture designed to stay in shape over time as well as creating a platform for learning and interaction. 

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Retail Facilities

Shopping malls, gallerias and other commercial areas such as in international airports need grand public seating with unique identity and the possibility of natural flow control.

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Railway station furniture

We create comfortable seating for waiting travellers. We offer the possibility to both integrate privacy and reduce the noise level as well as build venues for interaction.

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Healthcare Receptions

We create inclusive seating concepts for open-plan areas, downsized clinical settings and family-focused facilities.

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Other Public Spaces

Our furniture fits a wide range of public spaces, such as municipalities, offices, hotels and sports/arena facilities.

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