Leaf Lamp Tree

The Leaf Lamp Tree is a tree-size standing lamp for public indoor spaces. The branches shape a magnificent crown foliage (Ø130 / Ø230 / Ø300 / Ø400 cm or custom size up to Ø600 cm for special projects). Leaf Lamp Trees stand on the ground with a robust base that can be bolted to the floor or an optional base plate that makes the tree freestanding. Leaf Lamp Tree has A-class sound-absorbing qualities – the foliage forms a soft labyrinth of 3,5 / 14 / 21 / 53 square metres of wool felt. It radically enhances speech perception in its proximity – and under the Leaf Lamp Tree, a whisper is as good as a shout.

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Gallerian Strömstad

Green Solution House

Landvetter Airport

Lowry Theatre, Manchester

Malmö Airport

ReTuna Recycling Mall

Santa’s Area Rimrock Mall

Torsplan entrance, BREEAM Excellent

University of Copenhagen