Leaf Lamp Lighting Series

The Leaf Lamp Series provides ambient lighting and acoustic solutions for a wide range of public interiors. The clusters of wool can be formed into a hanging pendant or a life-size tree. Each lamp enhances the surroundings with diffuse light, soft textures, and natural materials. The shade is crafted from class A-certified* sound-absorbing and flameproof felt designed to help balance acoustic levels. The lamps can provide focal points within large areas or form part of a placemaking strategy in public space.

Leaf Lamp Lighting Series

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Leaf Lamp Pendant

Article number: LLP130


Leaf Lamp Series is an acoustic lighting series designed with a harmonious organic shape inspired by nature. It is made from biological and technical materials. Leaf Lamp can easily be taken apart for repair, replacement, or recycling with easy maintenance. When the product reaches its end of life, it’s possible to return materials for recycling or the biological cycle.

Certified Oeko-tex standard 100 wool felt

100% certified sourced, untreated  birch wood from responsible forestry


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metal material

Metal parts: powder coating with zero chemicals on the SIN-list

metal material

The branchwork is clicked together without the use of any adhesive.

PVC- and Halogen-free cables

CE certified

metal material

All production is made in Europe and Canada and follows strict regulations on Human Rights, Work environment and Anti-Corruption

metal material

Each part can be replaced individually for easy maintenance during the product’s life cycle.

metal material

At the end of the product’s lifecycle, all parts can be separated to material level and recycled

metal material

We plant one tree in our plantation sites for every furniture module

metal material

5 years warranty

Design tips

Biophilic design for our wellbeing

Biophilic design uses nature as a co-architect and connects the place. It encourages us to understand the importance of natural shapes and materials, colours. The effect of biophilic design helps visitors to bring their stress level down and enjoy their experience of the space. Make places matter by creating a feeling of a home away from home. A place that visitors will engage with, respect, and return to. Can it get any greener than to be able to say “meet me under the tree”?

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