Airport projects

Here is where the journey begins. What if we can make the airport a part of the experience and not only a place for passengers to “pass-through”? As passenger confidence has gotten a hit in the pandemic, our primary focus is to regain that confidence by creating welcoming places where passengers feel safe again: a place where the experience starts, an added value for the passengers. We’re sharing our insights, experiences, and results from Green airports worldwide to inspire you in your next airport project. From the smaller gates to the entire airport.
Together we make airports matter.


Green airport projects

modular seating at Hobart Airport

We are delighted with the fresh look of the main Departures Lounge and, most importantly, I’m confident passengers will also be very pleased with the changes we have made. It has updated the area and offers much-needed additional seating and device charging points, while the curved design and layout of the furniture means passengers feel a sense of space while seated.

Linsey Miller, Head of Terminal Operations, Hobart Airport