Seamless Table Series

The Seamless Table is much more than a surface – it’s a modular tabletop design capable of creating a space within a space. The contouring tabletops are inspired by natural shapes to create multipurpose spaces. The table includes charging stations and is perfect for ad-hoc meetings, eating, drinking, or working on the fly, for both groups and individuals to meet and interact. The tabletop works in tandem with the Leaf Lamp Link Tree as “the Biophilic combo,” creating a wide variety of placemaking possibilities. Both the table and the Leaf Lamp Link Tree can be scaled in size to suit the proportions of the surrounding space. When combined, the Seamless table and the Leaf Lamp Link Tree bring a unique and inviting touch to their surroundings. What if you could meet under a tree?

Seamless Table series
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Seamless Table 240

Article number: LLMT_WS_02_E

Seamless Table 240 with hole

Article number: LLMT_WS_02_D

Seamless Table 30°

Article number: LLMT_WS_02_C_30

Seamless Table 30° L

Article number: LLMT_WS_02_A_30

Seamless Table 30° R

Article number: LLMT_WS_02_B_30

Seamless Table Endpiece

Article number: LLMT_WS_01_B

Seamless Table Endpiece with Hole

Article number: LLMT_WS_01_A

Leaf Lamp Link Tree M

Article number: LLMT230

Leaf Lamp Link Tree L

Article number: LLMT300


Seamless Table Charger

Article number:

Leaf Lamp Link Tree Baseplate

Article number: LLT01

Seamless Table Stem

Article number: LLMT_S


Leaf Lamp Link Tree M w/Round Table

Article number: LLMT230_TC

Leaf Lamp Link Tree L w/Round Table

Article number: LLMT300_TC

Seamless Table Straight w/M Tree

Article number: LLMT230_STX3_02

Seamless Table Straight w/L Tree

Article number: LLMT300_STX3_02

Seamless Table Tilde w/M Tree

Article number: LLMT230_STX1_02

Seamless Table Tilde w/L Tree

Article number: LLMT300_STX1_02

Seamless Table Wiggly w/M Tree

Article number: LLMT230_STX2_02

Seamless Table Wiggly w/L Tree

Article number: LLMT300_STX2_02

Seamless Table Half Circle w/M Tree

Article number: LLMT230_STX4_02

Seamless Table Half Circle w/L Tree

Article number: LLMT300_STX4_02


The Seamless Table Series is a nature-inspired, biophilic combo ideal for ad-hoc meetings, group study, and individual work in public spaces. It is made from biological and technical materials. The seamless table can easily be taken apart for repair, replacement, or recycling with easy maintenance. When the product reaches its end of life, it’s possible to return materials for recycling or the biological cycle.

Certified Oeko-tex standard 100 wool felt

100% certified sourced, untreated  birch wood from responsible forestry


[To be updated with new data]

metal material

Table top: hard wax oil with 0% VOC and zero chemicals on the SIN-list

metal material

Metal parts: powder coating with zero chemicals on the SIN-list

metal material

The branchwork is clicked together without the use of any adhesive.

PVC- and Halogen-free cables

CE certified

metal material

Swedish production, Europen for wool felt. Both following strict regulations on human rights, work environment, and anti-corruption

metal material

Each part can be replaced individually for easy maintenance during the product’s life cycle

metal material

At the end of the product’s lifecycle, all parts can be separated to material level and recycled

metal material

We plant one tree in our plantation sites for every furniture module

metal material

5 years warranty

Design tips

Create an island to connect and recharge

The Seamless table provides a spot where you can slow down and focus on your project, ad-hoc meetings, group studies, or re-charge. With its modular flexibility, you can create a meeting point that encourages physical distance without compromising the feeling of togetherness. It's ideal for creating a soothing calm atmosphere in spaces like offices and lobbies, shopping malls, transit hubs, libraries, universities. We are happy to introduce a biophilic combo with a Seamless table and Leaf Lamp as the perfect way to bring the beauty of nature inside the modern social environment. Can it get any greener than to be able to say "meet me under the tree"?

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