The design competition for outstanding sustainable design

Green Furniture Award is the leading design competition for sustainable furniture. Designs that are not yet signed up for production can compete. The competition is open for design professionals and students (no background requirements).

Outstanding Sustainable Design incorporates aspects as the choice and sourcing of material, production methods, efficient use of materials, ways of disassembling and recycling, social responsibility, etc. Outstanding Sustainable Design is also meaning a piece of furniture to keep and treasure – with a story to tell, that ages in a nice way, that can last beyond current trends, and have the potential of becoming a classic.

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In 2008 Green Furniture decided to make a difference in the world and forge ahead in the field of eco design. We initiated a global competition, the Green Furniture Award, to find the best eco design furniture ideas to highlight these and have them produced.

The competition has become a world leader in its genre and Green Furniture Concept has become the collection of the winners – expressive furniture with the ambition to become green modern classics.

The Jury has a mix from authorities in sustainable design and the furniture industry. Green Furniture Concept has put six of the contributions from 2009 to 2014 into production:
Fiction bookshelf (2009), Leaf Lamp (2010), BlockShelf (2010), Sheep bench (2010), T-shirt Chair (2011), and Jar Lamp (2012), and two of them has developed into product series currently sold by Green Furniture Concept.

The Green Furniture Award 2016 (application deadline autumn 2015) consists of the following prizes:
- A General First Prize of 7000 Euro
- A Cappellini Prize of 7000 Euro
- A Green Furniture Prize of 7000 Euro

The Jury has the right to redistribute the prizes or postpone a prize to a following year (the Award sum added to the next year’s Award) if no contributions live up to the Jury’s expectation of winners. 2009, 2010,2012 and 2014 one or two additional Honorable Mentions were also awarded. In 2011 the same contribution was awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize and four Honorable Mentions were awarded. The 2013 Award was added to the 2014 Award where 5 winners shared a doubled prize sum of in total 200 000 SEK. Same with the 2015 Award that is making a double prize sum for the 2016 Award (in total 21 000 Euro).

The finalists are presented at Stockholm Furniture Fair and the Official Award Ceremony is held during the Milano Design Week, in the Cappellini showroom.

Application to Green Furniture Award 2016 (closed)

The registration to the Green Furniture Award is made in two parts:
1. Registration payment
2. Contribution via e-mail

1. Registration payment –  November 15th, 2015 (new date!)

Registration is made per participant (one or more designers), and each participant may send in several contributions. For example the designers Kim and Willow apply together (pay one registration fee) with the contributions “Life as we know it”, “The Sea” and “Happy Urban”. If you want to add a project after the payment is done (but before the contribution deadline), refer to the registered project name when filing the new project contribution.

Participants shall pay a registration fee of 25 EUR via Paypal to Mark the payment with the project name(s).

Participants that registered for the Green Furniture Award 2015 can refer to this by adding “registration payment made 2015″ when sending the contribution(s) to the Green Furniture Award 2016 (2015 payment is good for 2016 Award).

Registration payment by November 15th, 2015 (new date!)

2 Contribution date November 15th, 2015 (new date!)

Your contribution(s) should be sent to us by email to with a maximum file size of 10 MB (one e-mail per project).

By filing a contribution, the participants agree to the competition rules and conditions.

The finalists will be notified before January 1, 2016 by reply to the contribution e-mail. The official award ceremony with the finalists will be held at the Stockholm Furniture Fair in February 2016, and the winners will be presented at the Milano Design Week in April 2016.

Contributions via e-mail – November 1st, 2015

Rules and conditions

Any design that is not in production may participate. Green Furniture Concept have the intention to produce one or more of the winning contributions – our collection is in large becoming a Green winner’s collection. Also Cappellini are in the Award to find new sustainable designs to produce.

The winners of the award shall have created products with Outstanding Sustainable Design. The furniture should be possible to produce in an effective way and with reasonable investments.

The participants shall document their contributions with:
- First page with one large representative image only (will be used as thumbnail)
- Presentation sketches
- Description of function and usage
- Description of material, its origin and environmental benefits
- Specification of production methods or processes
- Description of recycling procedures
- All pages marked with Project Name (not with your name to keep anonymity)

All documentation should be in PDF format. Contributions sent by ordinary post (not e-mail) will not be in consideration.
Maximum total file size: 10 MB.

Rights and commitments

Green Furniture Concept and Cappellini have exclusive option to conclude a royalty agreement with the award winners implying the right to produce and market the winning contribution. In the case that Green Furniture Concept or Cappellini do not choose to conclude a royalty agreement for a winning contribution the rights for this contribution are fully returned to the designer. A copy of the agreement is available as a pdf file here.
Any applicable taxes to be paid by the winners.

Participants are responsible to investigate that their respective contributions do not infringe on any third party rights (meaning ‘check that the design does not already exist in a similar form, for example by browsing the specific category on and leave their guarantee, to their knowledge, hereof.

The decisions of the Jury cannot be appealed.

The Jury

Giulio Cappellini

Designer and CEO of Cappellini

Olof Kolte

Designer and lecturer in Sustainable Design at Lund University

Anna Kraitz


Magnus Hedenmark

Ecotoxicologist at Ecoprofits and author of ‘the Flame Proof Cat’

Johan Berhin

Designer & Founder

+46 (0)707 32 16 08