Here we gather our stories and experiences from designing for public interiors all over the world.

Public spaces - a platform for interaction

By: Jonas Ekholst - Head of Design

Most furniture designers create objects that are comfortable to sit on, beautiful to look at and, maybe, solve a problem for the user. But what we also have to realise...

Three steps to a good Sense of Place in public seating

By: Johan Berhin - Designer & Founder

Public seating is about offering a pleasant place to be. The furniture should speak personally about the place and to the people there. At least if you ask me. And...

Fast five on timeless design

By: Åsa Hermansson

He designed the ”One C” chair that took Paris by storm in 2007. One C has now become the precursor to a series of furniture made according to a sustainable...

Commercial Terminal Flow

By: Johan Berhin - Designer & Founder

Passenger flows are increasing, and a general question among terminal managers is where to seat all these people. The answer lies in modern terminal flow thinking: changing how seating is...

Public indoor seating goes Grand

By: Johan Berhin - Designer & Founder

A lot of airports, shopping malls and other indoor public locations wish they could go grand in architecture. And giant, organic, prestigious – and costly – buildings are a common...

Sustainable. Better. And cooler!

By: Johan Berhin - Designer & Founder

Sustainability is the fundamental premise of my company. Knowing that what you do is meaningful is a great feeling. But to really make a difference, sustainable companies have to make...