Green Furniture Plantations

For every piece of furniture we sell, we plant one tree near our local production site in southern Sweden and in Colombia. We do this for the climate and to ensure long term furniture-grade wood supply. The Swedish trees are groomed for furniture production to keep them straight and knot-free. The Colombian trees are protecting river-basins and supporting agroforestry ecosystems.

Hacienda La Tentación

Concerns about the deforestation of South American rainforests led Green to Colombia, where some of the most bio-diverse and complex forests in the world once flourished. Green established a partnership in 2018 with Hacienda La Tentación, a privately-owned agroforestry plantation committed to reforesting the land and protecting nearby waterways. The plantation employs around 50 families and plays an active role in enriching the local community of Isaza, Caldas as a whole.


Green Furniture Plantation II

The second plantation started in 2013, in cooperation with the land owner Arnold Karlsson and is situated outside Lammhult, Sweden, close to our Leaf Lamp and IOU production.

The plantation started with 500 cherry and 400 maple trees, and continued in spring 2016 by another 1000 birch saplings.

Green Furniture Plantation I

The plantation started in 2008, was one of the first steps in our Green program in response to the difficulties of sourcing Swedish veneer. We planted 1,000 birch trees in cooperation with the landowner Kenneth Eliasson, situated outside Tyringe, Sweden, close to our first site of Nova C seating production.

In autumn 2016 these birches had grown big enough for us to start using them for the Leaf Lamp Tree S trunks, and we have by that proudly started our own natural loop, sooner than we thought. 2019 the first trees had grown big enough to use also for our bigger Leaf Lamp Tree M and L size, and 2020 we believe that all our Leaf Lamp natural trunks will come from our own plantations.

In spring 2019 we planted another 1 500 birch trees together with Kenneth, followed by 1000 more in the spring 2020.