3daysofdesign in Copenhagen

Published 3 June, 2024 by 3daysofdesign in Copenhagen

3daysofdesign between 12-14th of June is an exclusive event that’s inclusive of everyone. Everyone is invited to experience new concepts from a selection of brands from Denmark and elsewhere around the world.

You’ll find Green Furniture Concept at TFurniture, our Danish agent. TFurniture is part of Design House Copenhagen, and during 3daysofdesign, they’ll invite you to visit them in their beautiful location at Holmen.

The theme of this year’s festival is Dare to dream, a call that suits us at Green Furniture Concept perfect. We’re setting out to make sustainability the new standard for public space design, reshape industry mindsets, and inspire new corporate beliefs.
We make places matter.

I’ll be in Copenhagen. Let’s meet!

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