University Hospital of Malmö


The cylindrical emergency and infectious diseases unit at Skåne University Hospital was designed by CF Møller Architects and was built 2010.

The seating  in the emergency waiting room was changed to 'Nova C Back Wide' in the end of 2016. This new seating uses the circularity of the building and is installed with the same center point as the building itself, following the curved window line as well as the curved direction of flow from the entrance to the reception. The reception is clearly visible from all seats, which also means that the supervising nurse has visual control of the faces of all patients.

The 'Wide' model of the Nova C series was developed specifically for this project, in cooperation with hospital where personel from the emergency, hygiene and cleaning departments were in direct dialogue with the designer, on site. 

The hospital has a function rental agreement for the seating, in circular economy spirit, meaning that Green Furniture takes full responsibility for keeping the furniture in mint condition over time.

Marita Olsson, infection control nurse, Region Skåne (17 May 2017):
“Compared to furniture upholstered in artificial leather, which cracks and tears, hospital hygiene has improved. The benches are easy to clean. We have also noticed that nothing gets missed when the floors are washed, which shows that the benches can be separated and moved for cleaning in a way that meets our standards. The patients are also kept apart from each other a little, in that there is a set distance back-to-back. I am impressed!”

Carina Wahlgren, Head of Department, Emergency Care and Internal Medicine, Region Skåne University Healthcare Administration (12 May 2017):
“I’m glad I took the time to do a bit of research before we replaced the chairs in our A&E waiting room in Malmö. The Head Office helped and I was given the opportunity to select benches from Green Furniture. We now have furniture that fits our organisation, a busy A&E with high numbers of patients and families passing through every day, and rigorous hygiene standards. The configuration was customised to our premises and we now have a very attractive waiting room. The people who visit us can choose the seat height that suits them and the arm supports help people who have difficulty getting up. We are extremely pleased!”

Helen Eklund, nurse, A&E reception, Skåne University Hospital, Malmö (19 May 2017):
“The benches in the new waiting room work a treat, are hygienic and easy to clean. I have only heard one patient say they were a little hard. The benches are good-looking and the room feels modern, clean and bright. It all turned out beautifully!”

Rosita Ghasriani, nurse, A&E reception, Skåne University Hospital, Malmö (4 May 2017):
“Hospital hygiene is the most important aspect to me, and this has really brought up the standard. The benches are easy to care for, easy to clean and its easy to get to all surfaces. There is nothing that can absorb moisture and bodily fluids. Even though we have had patients try to vandalise them, actually trying with screwdriver, they stand up to it. The benches are placed so that we have eye contact with the patients in all areas in the waiting room. They are comfortable enough and truly ideal for an A&E waiting room. We are delighted!”

Giesela Brodd, Patient Safety Coordinator, Region Skåne (28 April 2017):
“The patients think the furniture is attractive, clean and comfortable.”

Marita Olsson, infection control nurse, Region Skåne, Sweden
"Hospital hygiene has improved"