The Green Services

Our ambition is to create great things, things to be proud of. And we want to transfer our confidence in what we do into real value for you. Check out our Green Services.

15 years warranty ( included ) 

We ensure our products are free from defects in material and workmanship when properly installed, maintained, and used for their intended purposes. We give you a 15 (!) years’ warranty period for the Nova C and the Ascent Series, and five years for the Leaf Lamp Series.

Buyback system 

Products are valuable assets throughout their whole lifecycle. We want to make sure that these assets are kept in use for as long as possible, even when not needed in the first location anymore. To do this we offer to buy our products back, refurbish them, and put them back on the market again. Depending on the state of the furniture and how well they have been maintained the Buyback percentages will vary. The maintenance can be handled by us through our “Maintenance Service”. The “Buyback System” is active for all seat modules in our Nova C Series for our European customers. Contact us if you have questions or want to make use of our Buyback system!

Furniture-as-a-Service (alternative to buying)

We know that our furniture can last for a very, very long time. Therefore we are confident to offer Seating-as-a-Service. Our products' functional rental, with us keeping the furniture in perfect condition as described in maintenance above. It's a subscription as an option to buying and comes with an annual fee as long as you have use of our furniture.

Maintenance & Always-like-new (optional)

The possibility to fix a scratch or easily replace parts that may have been vandalized are essential aspects of public furniture longevity. Maintainability is key. With very little maintenance, our furniture can be kept like new over time. We can do this for you as a subscription service, or your organization can take care of it. Either way, you choose to commit to keeping them in the standards to benefit from the Buy-Back offer above. And your furniture will remain as good as new, to keep making their positive contribution to your sense of place.

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