Green Furniture Concept was born out of a deep desire to be a leader in sustainable furniture design and production. Sustainability guides our development and is part of our soul as a company. As such, we commit to integrating environmental sustainability into our business processes and continuously improve our environmental work.

Design and production

We aim to be ecologically sound in all aspects: in our everyday mission and through our products. This means that we strive to keep our products integrated in the natural cycle or in a technical cycle free of waste. We use the Nordic Ecolabel as a base standard for our product development. We exceed those standards by, for example, using natural hard wax oil instead of varnish and upcycled instead of virgin materials.

Our philosophy is that eco-friendliness should also make better furniture in terms of function and aesthetics. Hard wax oil is not only equally resistant to varnish, it imbues the wood surface with an utterly different feel and scratches can be easily touched up, just like shoe polish, to keep your furniture always-like-new. Upcycled wooden planks not only provide good solid wood, they carry a story of origins and the wise use of resources while adding life and uniqueness to the design. Some may call it smart. We think it is only natural.

Active choices to make a change

Many of the changes that can make a product more sustainable is in the active choices. Even though we use the requirements of the Nordic ecolabel as a bottom line we always strive to make choices that further reduce the impact on the environment, the human health and the wildlife.

We use upcycled wood in our IOU series. Wooden planks that would otherwise go to incineration instead are used for furniture production.

We treat our wooden benches with Rubio Monocoat, an environmentally friendly hardwax oil, to reduce the amount of chemicals in our products, while providing the customer with a bench that looks like new after each maintenance

We choose to treat our metal with powder coating instead of wet painting to reduce the waste and chemicals in all of our product lines

We continuously try to get as high rate of wood as possible from certified forestry.

The gliders in our bench systems are made out of 100% recycled plastic.

Green Furniture Award

We founded the Green Furniture Award competition and ran it annually 2009-2015. The event targeted designers from all around the world and was instrumental in creating new design based on sustainable development, where the sustainable and ‘good’ aspect adds to the design, story and experience of the piece.

The winners of the Green Furniture Award received ample publicity and they provide great examples of what sustainable design can be, planting seeds. The Leaf Lamp was a Green Furniture Award winner 2010 and has since been developed to a sphere shaper in scale with public interiors. The creative processes generated new products but also new ways of thinking and working with sustainability. We believe that it has helped pushing the furniture business forward in the field of sustainable design, and we can now see a more general demand and develpment of sustainable furniture. Good so, world!

Green Furniture Plantations

For every piece of furniture we sell, we plant one tree near our local production site in southern Sweden and in Colombia. We do this for the climate and to ensure long term furniture-grade wood supply. The Swedish trees are groomed for furniture production to keep them straight and knot-free. The Colombian trees are protecting river-basins and supporting agroforestry ecosystems.


Spreading the word

We want to share the knowledge we have acquired and developed. Through talks and events targeting the world of interior design professionals, Green Furniture Concept is helping spread knowledge and ideas about sustainable, non-toxic interiors. We are the people behind the Lowtox Living initiative, a professional network of knowledge transfer related to non-toxic interiors. This is only one of the ways we are helping advance the evolution towards sustainability in furniture design.

Typical talk titles

– Sustainable furniture strategy basics (ways of thinking, certifications and their significance)
– Lowtox strategy in interior design (toxics in interiors and what they do to us, good alternative materials)
– Bottom-line reasons for choosing sustainable interiors (economic arguments and examples for interior designers, company management, chief sustainability officers and furnishing project managers)