Nova C and Leaf Lamp Tree in university environment
Nova C and Leaf Lamp Tree in university environment Nova C and Leaf Lamp pendants in university environment Ascent, Nova C, Radius bin and Leaf Lamp Tree in university environment Ascent and Leaf Lamp Tree with Seamless Table in university environment Round seamless seating a school area Colorful leaf lamps at Anglanda skolan. Seamless seating at California University leaf lamp pendant in educational enviroment sound absorbing leaf lamp pendants in school library Modular seating in school environment

Universities & Schools

We develop sphere shaping furniture designed to stay in shape over time as well as creating a platform for learning and interaction. With biophilic design, we help reduce stress and create a calm and inviting educational envronment to encourage and enhance learning. Using flexible and modular seating solutions, you have the possibility to configure the benches to create space for both privacy and collaboration areas when needed. Our acoustic Leaf Lamp series are often used in libraries and other campus areas with it's sound absorbing qualities to reduce and controll a noisy atmosphere.

"If we, as adults and society, focus on creating the right school environment, the students can focus on learning - it's that simple"

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