The design competition for outstanding sustainable design

We founded the Green Furniture Award competition and ran it annually 2009-2015. The event targeted designers from all around the world and was instrumental in creating new design based on sustainable development, where the sustainable and ‘good’ aspect adds to the design, story and experience of the piece.  Innovative designs, that age with dignity and have timeless qualities - candidates for becoming modern classics.

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In 2008 Green Furniture decided to make a difference in the world and forge ahead in the field of eco design. We initiated a global competition, the Green Furniture Award, to find the best eco design furniture ideas to highlight these and have them produced.

The competition became a world leader in its genre and Green Furniture Concept waas the collection of the winners – expressive furniture with the ambition to become green modern classics.

The Jury had a mix from authorities in sustainable design and the furniture industry. Green Furniture Concept put six of the contributions from 2009 to 2014 into production:
Fiction bookshelf (2009), Leaf Lamp (2010), BlockShelf (2010), Sheep bench (2010), T-shirt Chair (2011), and Jar Lamp (2012).

The finalists were presented at Stockholm Furniture Fair and the Official Award Ceremony was held during the Milano Design Week, in the Cappellini showroom.

The Jury

Giulio Cappellini

Designer and CEO of Cappellini

Olof Kolte

Designer and lecturer in Sustainable Design at Lund University

Anna Kraitz


Magnus Hedenmark

Ecotoxicologist at Ecoprofits and author of ‘the Flame Proof Cat’

Johan Berhin

Designer & Founder

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