St.Johann Train Station, Austria

Green Furniture Concept is accompanying ÖBB into the future of the train station.

ÖBB is an innovative company. They continue to develop their train stations and services and ensure that their passengers have a pleasant and safe stay. When implementing the new waiting areas, the aim is to use biophilic design to bring a natural and warm ambience to the space, in order to constantly increase the quality for the travellers.

You can now find the Nova C series in the 4-color mix of at St. Johann train station. A timeless and sustainable design that includes the modern services such as charging stations for smartphones, tablets and computers.

“New St. Johann waiting room - state-of-the-art equipment and innovative design. With the completion of the new "waiting room of the future" at St. Johann in Tirol train station, another important milestone was achieved in the Tyrolean public transport system. This makes access to public transport in the region even more attractive", said Michael Fritscher, ÖBB.

From September 23 to October 4, 2020, more than 300 customers were regularly asked about their satisfaction with the new waiting room in St. Johann on site.
Overall, satisfaction with the premises is at a very high level. The waiting rooms' overall rating is on a five-point scale with a top value of 1.2, whereby both the waiting room with a grade of 1.2 and the entrance area with a grade of 1.3 is rated very positively. The feel-good factor is very pronounced. The conveyed feeling of security and the lighting concept stand out positively. The visual design (materials, optics in general, furniture design) is particularly impressive. The number of seats and the ratio between standing and seating are also given excellent ratings. 
There are very positive marks across the board for the materials used, the visual design, the design of the furniture, the colors used, and the comfort of the seating furniture, with values ​​between 1.3 and 1.5. USB plugs' availability and findability are generally rated as good but are not always noticed or required.
Lighting, cleanliness, acoustics, and smell are also very appreciated. The customers are given a relaxed atmosphere and a high feeling of security. The visibility and number of monitors received a top rating.
Conclusion: Travelers perceive the new waiting room as a significant improvement.” Source: ÖBB

Copyright ÖBB / Michael Fritscher