Nova C Perch Double

This is a stand-up bench in line with the rest of Nova C seating series. The Perch fits environments where the user needs a quick rest for a tired back. Or on occasions where a traveller is in motion, for example when standing in line with heavy luggage. Perch is made in an ergonomic design to support the lower back and lumbar spine, parts of the body that often get exposed for stress which can lead to pain. It supports the backs of people in a wide height rate, while letting the user remain a natural standing position and posture.

Nova C Perch is available in a single and double variant, both modular and configurable. Just as the rest of Nova C seatings it can shape seamless and endless formations of straight and curved modules. As well as smaller configurations that fits neatly into a narrow space, rounding a pillar, close against a wall or free standing as a separation of two floor sections. It can create flow controlling systems, or shape a strong place identity through a natural overall impression of whole environments together with other Nova C seatings and Leaf Lamps. The Nova C Perch needs to be mounted into the ground.

All products are finished with natural hard-wax oil, a sustainable choice that works similarly to shoe polish – easy to maintain to look fresh for a long time.

Sustainability information

•    Oak and ash surface veneer: 100% certified sources 
•    Beech core veneer: 100% certified sources
•    Steel frame: 85% recycled content
•    Plastic feet: Recycled HDPE (OceanIX 100% recycled ocean plastic)
•    Treated with hardwax oil with 0% VOC content
•    Powder-coated metal parts
•    Adhesive with low formaldehyde and VOC content
•    Buy-Back System for 15 years
•    Individual parts can be replaced
•    Nordic Ecolabel Certified (only in Europe)
•    Möbelfakta Certified (only in Europe)

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