Exploring some of the ways cruise and ferry operators can make the most of their onboard spaces

By : Sandra Lundberg - Head of Marketing

“Wow, that’s nice” is what every operator wants to hear when guests walk into public spaces on their ships. Using furniture creatively is key to creating welcoming spaces that elicit such a response.  

Furniture should be scaled to fit the size of the room and follow the lines and flows of the space. Shipowners should also look to make furniture a one-of-a-kind installation by using a dynamic mix of materials and colours in different tones. 

Using natural materials that age well and timeless designs will also keep guests smiling for years to come. Similarly, modular seating options that can be easily reconfigured will enable ship operators to make public spaces feel fresh and exciting throughout the lifecycle of their vessel.

Recent studies have highlighted the benefits of using natural wood on spaces such as passenger ships. Incorporating natural wood furniture into rooms where people spend time can have astounding health and emotional benefits, such as decreased heart rates and decreased perception of stress. Studies also indicate that the use of natural materials can increase the number of interactions between individuals, improving their emotional well-being and expanding their potential for self-expression in a positive way. Using wood in furnishings also cuts the need for more carbon-intensive and non-renewable materials like plastic and steel.