Award-Winning Nova C Series Continues to Expand – Recliner and Perch Modules to be launched at NeoCon

By : Sandra Afeyan - Director of Sales and Marketing, Americas

Montreal, April 24, 2019

The iconic Nova C Series just got even more comfortable. This June, for the 5th year in a row, Green Furniture will be taking NeoCon’s 7th floor by storm with yet another wave of developments for the company’s award-winning modular seating line.

Amongst these new additions is the Nova C Recliner. As the name suggests, this seat is designed in a lounging position for ultimate relaxation. At every second seat, the wood ribs turn up and inwards to serve as a sleek and integrated wooden table/armrest. This recliner is more social than the traditional one-seater options currently available on the market. The Nova C Recliner is big enough to fit a couple or a family that wishes to relax together rather than being forced to sit apart. 

And for people who are not quite willing to sit, but too tired to stand, Green Furniture has designed the Nova C Perch. This bar-height bench invites users to assume a comfortable leaning position – ideal for short-term waiting areas such as drop-off and pick-up zones. 

Just like the rest of the modules in the Nova C Series, both the Recliner and the Perch modules are available in straight or curved varieties. They are also available in the traditional single-sided and double-sided options – a characteristic feature of the entire series. 

"This year, with the addition of the Recliner and Perch, I’m proud to say that our design team has done it again!

The Nova C Series was first introduced to the North American market at NeoCon in 2015, when it was awarded the Best of NeoCon silver prize in the bench category. Thanks to the ingenious vision of the Green Furniture Design Team, today’s Nova C has evolved from a simple bench to a complex collection of modules that can be easily clipped to one another and configured into highly functional sculptural pieces.

“Last year, we introduced several new developments for the Nova C Series at NeoCon. We added the various end-pieces, the Elevation (for senior users), the Caterpillar (for kids), the Double Bench (without backrest), as well as various wired and wireless charging accessories” said Sandra Afeyan, Director of Sales and Marketing for Green Furniture Concept.

“This year, with the addition of the Recliner and Perch, I’m proud to say that our design team has done it again – the Nova C Series continues to grow in functionality and design! And with installations worldwide amongst high-profile clients such as Google, Microsoft, Lexus, Celebrity Cruise, Cirque du Soleil as well as countless international airports, offices buildings, community centers and hotels,  we can confidently say that we have carved a unique place for ourselves in the contract furniture market.”

Neocon delegates are invited to discover the enhanced Nova C Series at BOOTH 7-3062.