Spring/Summer 2019 Palette
Spring/Summer 2019 Palette Milky Meadow
Spring/Summer 2019 Palette Spring/Summer 2019 Palette Milky Meadow Spring/Summer 2019 Palette Precious Plum Spring/Summer 2019 Palette Bold Beige Spring/Summer 2019 Palette Oracular Ocean

Spring/Summer 2019 palette

From bold, uplifting tones, to soothing, natural shades, our colours for Spring/Summer 2019 capture the vitality of the seasons to come. Each of these eye-catching tones reflects an aspect of nature that individuals take to heart. The vibrancy of the Scandinavian Spring resonates through pastel green, while the tranquil atmosphere of a secluded beach is captured in the colour of Moroccan sand. Deep, cool, and as enigmatic as the ocean itself, mid-tone blue inspires harmony as it balances the colours around it. Cherished for its tantalising allure, dark plum stimulates the senses, evoking the taste, fragrance and juicy texture of ripe fruit. Whether chosen to complement architectural lines or add highlights to urban interiors, each of these four colours will energise and inspire.

Milky Meadow 

A refreshing and cooling shade, this expressive colour captures the first days of Spring, a season when nature begins to revive, renew and reinvigorate itself. It’s a time when sunny skies usher in longer, brighter days, and green meadows appear to shimmer in the morning dew. This shade of green is considered to be nature’s neutral, but makes a bold statement when combined with contrasting tones. Milky Meadow emanates lighter notes that brighten up dark spaces, or enlivens the surroundings with a colour that seems to bring nature indoors. A popular choice for healthcare environments, Milky Meadow, like Spring, signals that well-being is on the way.

Bold Beach 

With its nuances of apricot, warm sand and pale chestnut, this complex colour demonstrates a harmonious balance of rich tones and neutral tints. All of these elements fuse together to create a uniquely universal colour that works in a wide range of interiors. Daring, decadent and dazzling in equal measures, Bold Beach can soften and subdue, provide potent contrasts, or lighten up the environment as it reflects ambient light. Used exclusively in the Leaf Lamp series, Bold Beach highlights the colour nuances present in the felted material, then fades softly over time.

Oracular Ocean  

A vivid, but evocative colour, this mysterious, mid-tone blue intrigues and inspires. Dive into Oracular Ocean’s mystifying depths and discover the extraordinary nuances created by its mellow notes and cool undertones. Oracular Ocean adds a splash of excitement to neutral colours, complementing a wide variety of tones at either end of the spectrum.  This eye-catching colour can make seating stand out in busy stations, or transform Leaf Lamps into focal points that light the path ahead. Although many deep colours have an enigmatic character, Oracular Ocean is unique in its ability to project it into the surroundings. With this shade of blue comes a sense of mystery, silently soothing the eye as it harmonises with the surroundings.

Precious Plum  

Dark magenta has a powerful presence, and this mesmerising shade adds a touch of magic to the everyday. Inspired by exotic flowers and lush orchards, Precious Plum is an original colour that intrigues the eye and sparks the imagination. This sumptuous shade captures the richness of ripe fruit, evoking the mouth-watering flavours and sweet fragrances of late summer. The colour is an invitation to innovation, creating a statement-making, maverick feature that dares to be noticed. Precious Plum is composed of deep, desaturated notes that make surfaces appear more tactile. Breath-taking and intense, Precious Plum is perfect for large-scale interiors, open-plan architecture and monumental spaces.


These colours are applied to our standard wood products using hard-wearing Rubio Monocoat, a 0% VOC natural oil that colours and protects the wood in one single application. Press and PR Contact For images, product information and copies of our S/S 2019 colour concept, please contact Sandra Lundberg, sandra.lundberg@greenfurnitureconcept.com.

Showcase @Orgatec 2018

Spring/Summer 2019 Palette will be launched live at Orgatec 2018 - NEW VISIONS OF WORK- Cologne, 23.-27.10.2018. Along with Green Furniture’s German-speaking area manager Ulrich Jannert, Johan Berhin and Jonas Ekholst look forward to welcoming visitors and press to Booth Nr F030, Hall 10.1.

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