Gramatneusiedl Train Station, Austria

Green Furniture Concept is accompanying ÖBB into the future of the station.

ÖBB always endeavors to further develop its train stations to offer more service and, moreover, to ensure a pleasant and safe stay for their passengers. When implementing the new waiting areas, the aim is to use biophilic design to bring a natural and warm ambience to the space, in order to constantly increase the quality for the travellers.

Outside at the track, passengers should experience the same level of seating comfort as in the waiting areas indoors. Nova C Outdoor was used at Gramatneusiedl  station, a weatherproof version specially made for the outside seating areas. The steel parts are made of stainless steel. Both the core and the surface of the wooden ribs are made of pure oak.
Wood color "natural" was used with the pretreatment "sunprimer" for greater depth of color.

Copyright ÖBB / Michael Fritscher