Hede railway station

Hede railway station was built with the purpose to attract people to public traveling, by offering a modern waiting hall with plenty of seating and protection from bad weather. In addition, the traveler is given the opportunity to buy a cup of coffee, charge his phone or borrow the toilet. The building also illuminates the area around it which will hopefully increase both safety and the ambience of the area.

The construction company Vestia first investigated the option of letting a carpentry make seat-specific seats, but it would be both costly and difficult to implement. Therefore, the choice fell on Green Furniture Concept's Nova C benches, as they knew it was a proven product that works very well in public environments, can be customized and lasts for a long time. For example, if a rib breaks, it is easy to order a new one and replace the old one. According to Linda Börjesson at Vestia, the best part of the project has been the good cooperation between all parties, where the ABAKO Architectural Office contributed to the choice of materials, colors and designs of the configurations. This has resulted in seating that feels tailor made just for Hede railway station.

Photographer: Vestia / photographer Markus Andersson