Celebrity Cruise Terminal Port Everglades

When the Celebrity Cruise line set out to build their new state-of-the-art terminal in Port Everglades, they took the bold step to move away from the monotonous and utilitarian designs that have traditionally characterised transport terminals.
Instead, their focus shifted to solutions that create an unforgettable passenger experience. In the new T25 space, guests are meant to feel a luxurious vacation atmosphere, even before boarding the ship. From interactive wall art installations to seamless check-in technology, there are many elements that come together to ensure the ultimate guest experience. 
In large part, this experience is achieved by the unique seating chosen to furnish the terminal. Long, curving, double-sided configurations of Green Furniture Concept’s Nova C Series create a feast for the eyes and senses in the check-in area at T25. Stained in a dark brown “charcoal” finish, the sustainable wood seats are engineered to look new, even after harsh use over prolonged periods of time.
The Nova C offers an exceptionally comfortable seat for passengers of all ages. They can find a spot perfect for their needs, whether it is a quiet area on an outside curve by themselves, or an inside curve that lends itself well to families or groups to interact. Power under the seating is also available in a perfect balance that supplies a charge for those who need it, but just enough to encourage people to keep moving along to board the ship.
This iconic project was brought to life in collaboration with Arconas, Broward County’s Port Everglades, the Bermello Ajamil architectural firm, Moss construction, and J.C. White Design Services.