At the Änglanda School in Örebro, Sweden a colourful and flexible learning environment with the student in focus have been created. The building was designed by Origo Architects who, together with the teachers and educators, challenged the school world's traditional interior layout. Classrooms and corridors have been replaced by more homey areas and workshops. Furniture and interior have been chosen to fit the flexible structure, but also to work with the colourful palette on which the building is based.

“The colouring is really something extra with happy colours like green, turquoise, yellow and purple. The colours are found on each floor and become clear markers for the students' different areas.", Says Eva Hjortsberg at Input Interiör that has designed, project led, delivered and assembled all the furnishings for the school.

Equally important as the furniture works with the surroundings is that they last over time and withstand the fast-paced everyday life of the school environment.
"A lot of the interior consists of Swedish-made wooden furniture that are locally manufactured and durable. When everything is manufactured in Sweden we are winning in an environmental point of view because we cut the transports, but we also know that it is quality products that last for a long time and do not contain any hazardous or toxic substances. ", Eva Hjortsberg concludes.

Green Furnitures Concept's Leaf Lamp Trees adds a playful but also harmonizing expression to other furnishings with its soft shapes, sound absorbing properties and flexibility in colours and shape.

Photography: Jason Strong