SMHI Headquarters Staff Restaurant, Norrköping

SMHI (meteorological and hydrological institute of Sweden) has been commissioned by the state to promote positive climate development and be a climate-neutral organization. They will contribute to Sweden's implementation of the UN Agenda 2030 for long-term sustainable economic, social and environmental development. This sustainability mission is reflected in the new headquarters staff restaurant, with a very high environmental profile.

Since the area of the restaurant is large and large and spacious and with a flow of a lot of people every day, there were challenges in how to solve the requirements for good acoustics and lighting. To meet this challenge, acoustic-damping elements have been integrated into many parts of the room, such as the Leaf Lamp pendant, sound-absorbing chair cushions, and curtains.

"The main challenge has been to find products that meet the requirements for acoustics, durability, accessibility but at the same time maintain an architectural and design standard," said Martin Kihlberg, interior designer at Kungsleden.

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