Nova C Recliner

This is the Recliner, available with both single and double back. This is a lounge variant of our Nova C Back, made in an ergonomic, body-conscious design that fits a reclined seating position. The recliner is perfect to put in spaces close to family areas, in proximity to F&B and to retail. Compared to traditional reclined one-seaters this is a more social seating, that fits a couple or a family. The armrests of the product make a perfect surface for a coffee cup, sandwich or laptop. Relax or power nap together rather than sleeping for hours on your own. The reclined seating position also increases the blood flow to the legs, well-needed at e.g. layovers at airports before the traveller needs to catch the next flight and sit constricted with limited leg space.

The recliner is modular and configurable and can shape seamless and endless formations of straight and curved modules, with only the integrated armrests separating the seats. It can create large social and flow controlling configurations with a compound impression, or create whole natural environments together with its brothers and sisters of the Nova C series. Its configurability also goes into colours and accessories - every project can be unique.

Large configurations are held in place by their own weight, with no need to bolt the sections to the floor, yet can be snapped apart for thorough cleaning or reconfiguration.

Finished with natural hard-wax oil, a sustainable choice that works similarly to shoe polish – easy to maintain always-like-new.

Layout Planner

With the Layout Planner you'll be able to create your own design with the products from all of our series. Experiment with different shapes or upload a floor plan to add a layout to your own space. The possibilities are endless!

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Sustainability information

•    Oak and ash surface veneer: 100% certified sources 
•    Beech core veneer: 100% certified sources
•    Steel frame: 85% recycled content
•    Plastic feet: Recycled HDPE (will change in 2019 to OceanIX 100% recycled ocean plastic)
•    Treated with hardwax oil with 0% VOC content
•    Powder-coated metal parts
•    Adhesive with low formaldehyde and VOC content
•    Buy-Back System for 15 years
•    Individual parts can be replaced
•    Nordic Ecolabel Certified
•    Möbelfakta Certified
•    Sundahus Certified

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