Dennis Wirenborg

Dennis has been trained as a furniture maker from the beginning, and since then he has worked as a reseller in the furniture industry for almost 24 years as a fitter, warehouse manager, retailer, salesman, project manager & site manager. Today he has the main responsibility for the Nordic market with the main focus on architects, key customers & resellers in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland & Iceland. 

In his spare time, he devotes himself to decorating & renovating the family's house, play & listen to music, cooking & socializing with friends. When the opportunity is offered, he will gladly spend a few hours on the golf course with the aim of regaining the former low hcp he once had. 

Dennis is a positive and happy guy who does his best to make people around him feel good! Now he hopes to contribute with a little "northern touch" to Green, as he is the only Swede in the company that lives north of Scania.