Here we gather our stories and experiences from designing for public interiors all over the world.

Green Furniture auf der Education Estates Conference 

By: Sandra Lundberg - Head of Marketing

Green Furniture stellt auf der diesjährigen Education Estates Conference aus. Am 15. & 16. Oktober findet die Konferens in Manchester Central statt. Kommen Sie vorbei und begrüßen Sie unseren UK...

Updates auf unserer Green Services Seite

By: Sandra Lundberg - Head of Marketing

Wir haben neue Informationen zu unseren Green Services! Alles was Sie über unsere Garantie, Seating-as-a-Service und Rückkaufoption wissen möchten finden Sie hier: The Green Services

PRODUKT NEWS! Leaf Lamp Metal Tree mit neuen Tischmodulen


Ein neues Mitglied kommt in unsere Produktreihe! Wir stellen eine neue, verbesserte Version unseres Leaf Lamp Metal Tree’s vor. Diesmal fügen wir ein sich nahtlos anpassendes Stehtischmodul hinzu. Der Tisch...

Neues Nova C Add-On

By: Sandra Lundberg - Head of Marketing

Nun haben wir ein neues Add-On Produkt hinzugefügt: unsere „Nova C Double Cover Bench to Back with Charger“. Dies ist eine Abdeckblende zwischen unserer Double Bench und Double Back mit...

NeoCon Award Winners

By: Sandra Lundberg - Head of Marketing

Unsere neuesten Perch and Recliner Produkte aus der Nova C Serie sind bei dem Best of NeoCon 2019 Wettbewerb mit GOLD und SILBER ausgezeichnet worden! Lesen Sie mehr über unsere...

Preisgekrönte Nova C Serie erneut erweitert – Recliner und Perch Modelle werden auf der NeoCon vorgestellt

By: Sandra Afeyan - Director of Sales and Marketing, Americas

Montreal, 24.April, 2019 Die gefeierte Nova C Serie wurde nun noch bequemer. Im Juni dieses Jahres erobert Green Furniture zum fünften Mal in Folge die 7th Etage von NeoCon mit...

Making places - auf der Passenger Terminal EXPO 2019

By: Sandra Lundberg - Head of Marketing

Die Sitzdesigns von Green Furniture sind durch unseren individuell gestaltbaren Formen und anpassbaren Größen für jede Art von Terminal geeignet. Wir können mehr Sitzplätze auf weniger Raum erstellen (eine Steigerung...

Green Furniture Concept SS19 Precious Plum

We are launching a Spring/Summer 2019 palette

By: Sandra Lundberg - Head of Marketing

From bold, uplifting tones, to soothing, natural shades, our colours for Spring/Summer 2019 capture the vitality of the seasons to come. Each of these eye-catching tones reflects an aspect of...

Passenger Experience Shapes Future Design

By: Bradley Quinn - Author & Journalist

The best of today’s modern railways give passengers a glimpse of the ultra-hi-speed, energy-efficient train travel to come. But will train design alone be enough to propel the industry into...

Seamless seating solutions at Paris Healthcare Week

By: Bradley Quinn - Author & Journalist

Green Furniture pioneer new potentials for healthcare design, placing patient satisfaction at the centre of welcome area concepts. Discover our seamless seating systems, adaptive designs and inclusive solutions at Paris...

How high-density seating makes a difference

By: Bradley Quinn - Author & Journalist

Passenger numbers are increasing faster than airports can expand to accommodate them, challenging the industry to find solutions that work. As passenger capacity becomes a key issue, space-saving designs begin...

How Seating Satisfies

By: Johan Berhin - Designer & Founder Bradley Quinn - Author & Journalist

Passenger satisfaction is paramount in the fast-paced world of air travel. Designer Johan Berhin explains how seating areas play a key role, giving consumers a chance to relax, unwind and...

Public spaces - a platform for interaction

By: Jonas Ekholst - Head of Design

Most furniture designers create objects that are comfortable to sit on, beautiful to look at and, maybe, solve a problem for the user. But what we also have to realise...

Three steps to a good Sense of Place in public seating

By: Johan Berhin - Designer & Founder

Public seating is about offering a pleasant place to be. The furniture should speak personally about the place and to the people there. At least if you ask me. And...

Fast five on timeless design

By: Johan Berhin - Designer & Founder Åsa Hermansson

He designed the ”One C” chair that took Paris by storm in 2007. One C has now become the precursor to a series of furniture made according to a sustainable...

Commercial Terminal Flow

By: Johan Berhin - Designer & Founder

Passenger flows are increasing, and a general question among terminal managers is where to seat all these people. The answer lies in modern terminal flow thinking: changing how seating is...

Public indoor seating goes Grand

By: Johan Berhin - Designer & Founder

A lot of airports, shopping malls and other indoor public locations wish they could go grand in architecture. And giant, organic, prestigious – and costly – buildings are a common...

Sustainable. Better. And cooler!

By: Johan Berhin - Designer & Founder

Sustainability is the fundamental premise of my company. Knowing that what you do is meaningful is a great feeling. But to really make a difference, sustainable companies have to make...