Seamless seating at University of California
close-up on modular bench
Seamless seating at University of California close-up on modular bench Sculptural seating Man sitting on round seamless bench close-up on seamless seating

Kalmanovitz Library , University of California, San Francisco

There is a unique sanctuary tucked away on the main floor of the Kalmanovitz Library at UCSF Parnassus Heights. It overlooks the plush greenery and the Golden Gate Bridge, giving the USCF community a welcoming place to rest and recharge.

For the past 25 years, however, this lounge was a shabby and unwelcoming space, filled with dirty, old and ripped leather armchairs that were lined up in rows and decorated with food stains. The lounge was a magnet for community outsiders who would flock to the space to sleep and loiter all day long.

In an effort to fix this problem, the library set out to modify the furniture in the space transforming it into a clean and welcoming destination for the USCF community. The goal was to create a multi-purpose lounge for recitals, lectures, and more.

Haley McEwan, Director of Administration for the Library, submitted an entry into the university’s annual “First Impressions Contest.” This program awards ten submissions that propose enhancements to certain campus spaces – spaces that enhance and enrich campus life.

The library was chosen as one of the 10 winners in 2019. McEwan worked with Sean Aloise, Communications Manager at USCF and together they selected Green Furniture to enhance their library’s lounge. They chose the company’s Nova C Series because it is sculptural and architectural in design, easy to clean, beautiful and can be un-snapped and reconfigured for the various functions of the space. They were also delighted with the company’s dedication to environmental sustainability!

“When I looked into this line further, I learned that GFC is a family-owned business, where they bend their own wood etc…that made me want to not only support a family-owned business but to bring this architectural looking piece into UCSF, in hopes that we could see more of these designs around campus in the future! Truly, it enhances the space so much, it will last, and it is contemporary/modern, and knowing that it is “green” and knowing that the owner of the company is amazing and friendly and supportive made all the difference…so in my mind, why stop here? Let’s continue and see if we can acquire more pieces around the UCSF Campus (and dare I say even the UC system, about seven campuses throughout California),” said Sean Aloise.