Nice Airport terminal 1 & 2

2016 - 'La Promenad' in Terminal 1
2018 - 'La Plage' champagne bar

Nice Airport wanted to create a graceful “after beach” atmosphere to let the sense of the French Riviera linger in the open space of the terminals and make their travellers keep the spirit of sun-drenched terraces. This resulted in two new spaces. 'La Promenad' in Terminal 1, with our Nova C Bench in the middle serpentining its way through large parasols, reminding of the Rivieras shoreline. And the 'La Plage' champagne bar surrounded by Nova C Double, creating an impression of a garden made of seating with Nova C back shaping flowery islands in the backdrops. Altogether, the installations has increased the seating capacity while enhancing both the passenger flow and satisfaction in the airport.