Keflavik International Airport

Keflavik International Airport uses the Nova C series seating from Green Furniture Concept to have a welcoming square with many seats. On an area of app 400 meters including isles where 5 million people pass every year, 240 seats in the shape of eight waves give a natural, free and easy place to stop and take a breath. The new design of the area slows down the pace and make passengers at ease, to the joy of the surrounding stores and Food & Beverage.

“We now keep passengers near the shops and food outlets, and believe that is a great factor in increased sales,” says Gunnhildur Vilbergsdóttir, commercial manager, Keflavik International Airport

See also article on how this seating has affected the commercial terminal flow at Keflavik.

"Exceeds our already very high expectation of natural design impression and seating density" -  Sævar Garðarsson, Terminal Manager, Keflavik Airport