Modular benches Collège Montmorency Guy-Rocher Pavilion
Modular benches campus area
Modular benches Collège Montmorency Guy-Rocher Pavilion Modular benches campus area Flexible benches university placemaking flexible seating flexible seating

Collège Montmorency Guy-Rocher Pavilion

Collège Montmorency is the only college in the city of Laval, just north of Montreal. As it has nearly 8000 students and continues to grow, in 2018 Collège Montmorency began construction of a new D wing. The initial plan for a 2,600 square meter annex was quickly expanded to a 10,865 square meter, four story pavilion with a 26 million CAD budget. The new pavilion, named Guy-Rocher, opened its doors in the winter of 2019 and represents the college’s largest investment since its construction in 1976.

The new spaces support applied research in neurofeedback, microbiology, entomology, chemistry and ecological agriculture. Classrooms and laboratories are designed to support active teaching, research, innovation, entrepreneurship and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Collège Montmorency has earned the Excellence CEGEP Vert certificate for eight consecutive years. The Guy-Rocher pavilion follows the school’s environmental focus and boasts a green roof of 347 square meter. 70 forcing beds are run by a youth committee promoting urban agriculture.

The centerpiece of the new pavilion is the large atrium that stretches from the basement and two floors up. The space is dominated by a modern concrete amphitheatre. At its foot, four Nova C Benches in Bracket configurations bask in the natural light shining in abundance through the large glass curtainwall and the cathedral ceiling.

Nova C modules are heavy enough that students won’t try moving them to other parts of the college. The rib color of the benches matches the wood panels along the atrium walls and the furniture can easily be reconfigured to various configurations to suit the needs of the students enjoying a few minutes of rest between classes.