Sustainable design for public interior landscapes

Green Furniture Concept makes sustainable design for public interior areas. Configurably winding, seamless seating and acoustic lighting from Green Furniture can be found in places like Dublin Airport, Topanga Mall (LA) and Stockholm Central Station.

‘Seamless’ means room for more people when needed and the possibility of designing grand furniture configurations in scale with large spaces. Configurations that can take any creative formation, follow the lines of the building and lead the flow of people.

‘Acoustic Lighting’ means lighting designed to provide outstanding visual and acoustic spheres. ‘Sustainable’ is our story. Natural and upcycled materials crafted in an ecologically sound way –  CSR you can see, CSR that serves a function.

We assist you

We work in close collaboration with architects, interior designers, designers, managers and clients to create the most satisfying solution for the particular project.

We provide BIM objects and DXF/DWG to architects for an easy handelling when choosing our products into projects. We currently provide files for Revit, ArchiCAD, AutoCAD and SketchUp, but we will gladly provide you with your chosen format.

We can also provide a design and layout process for our clients. An easy way to get a custom layout that will fit your particular project and get you a rendered idea of how the layout will look in your project.

The Green Services

Our ambition is to create great things, things that we are proud of. And we want you to feel confident when doing business with us. For instance, we will give you a 15-year warranty for Nova C.

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It took off in 2007, when the ‘One C’ chair become fashionable overnight in Paris, setting founder and designer Johan Berhin on fire with green conviction. This is how he describes Green Furniture, his work and philosophy today:

“When I started making furniture I was shocked by how smelly furniture manufacturing was, literally, with glues and coatings, and I decided to make a difference. The Green Furniture brand was introduced at the Stockholm Furniture Fair in 2010, based on the idea of creating sustainable modern classics. Furniture with heart and soul, pieces that say something about both your taste and your sense of responsibility. Design that is better because it is made according to sustainable principles, made to the highest standards of quality, so that your piece can be with you for a long time. Furniture made using strong emotional language that forges a relationship between the piece and people.”

Green Furniture Concept is now pursuing sustainability on three different levels: practice - design and production of our own furniture - activities and informative events.

It started with a chair

“When I was a kid, I used to run around in my dad Pierre’s furniture factory. It must have been there that my love of furniture began,” says Johan Berhin. He went on to educate himself as an industrial designer, eventually creating the design enterprise Berhin Studios – a business focusing on furniture and industrial design. 
Johan continues: “For the longest time, I had a dream about a naturally curving chair, made of a single piece of wood. One day that dream took shape. I cut a template out of a piece of wood and my One C chair was born! “C” stands for Chair. “One C” for a chair in one piece. I was happy as a child and couldn’t resist the urge to have my chair manufactured.”
Johan established contact with Åberg och Söner, a third-generation (now fourth!) family business specializing in producing moulded-wood pieces. They liked what they saw in each other, and Åberg’s supplied the necessary tools for production. The first series of chairs was made and French furniture retailer Sentou placed a large order. Johan decided it was time to manufacture his own furniture collection under his own brand, Berhin Studios.
New ideas sprang from the One C profile and several other products were made in the same style to create a full C range:
- One C (2005), the original chair in one piece (no longer in production)
- Half C (2006), one half of One C. It can be hung on a wall when not in use (no longer in production)
- Stack C (2007), a stackable version of One C (no longer in production)
- Multi C (2008), an accordion-like extension of One C (no longer in production)
- Nova C Bench (2010), the next evolution of Multi C and the first in the range for indoor public spaces
- Nova C Back (2012),  a collaborative project with architect Fanny Stenberg, designed to meet high maintenance and cleaning demands together with Stockholm Central Station.
- Nova C Recliner (2018) now with the design team at Green Furniture present, Neocon Gold winner in 2019
- Nova C Perch (2019), Neocon Silver winner in 2019

As chair volumes rose in 2007, Johan began to ponder how he could express his commitment to environmental issues in the field of furniture design and production.
This was the beginning of the Berhin Studios environmental concept. “Once volumes were up, I felt there was only one way forward I personally could stand behind – the furniture had to be manufactured in a green and sustainable way,” says Johan. “And beyond that, I knew there had to be sustainable furniture concepts out there where the sustainability actually improves the design and shapes a new green design style.” Johan founded the Green Furniture Award global design competition to find these green concepts and put them under the spotlight. The Award was a success the very first year at the Stockholm Furniture Fair in February 2009. Johan decided to call the furniture series Green Furniture Sweden, now internationalized as Green Furniture Concept.