Leaf Lamp Pendant

Very close to how nature itself designs and based on simple principles, this sound-absorbing lamp has a harmonious, organic shape and is made from natural materials. The trunk and branches are made from Swedish birch. The foliage is made of thin, unbleached wool felt leaves. Leaf Lamp is shipped as flat packages (assembled upon request). It shares its inner energy from a warm-toned large LED  (your choice – not included) filtering the foliage as a soft and natural light. Leaf Lamp Pendant is available in diameters of 80 or 130 cm.

Leaf Lamp has A-class sound-absorbing qualities  – the foliage forms a soft labyrinth of 1,4 / 3,5 square meters of wool felt. It radically enhances speech perception in its proximity. Under the Leaf Lamp, a whisper is as good as a shout.

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Bruuns Galleri, Aarhus

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