Earlier winners


1st - 11.000 EUR 
'Hardened Leather Chair'
Nikolaj Steenfatt

Hardened Leather Chair is made with an old technique for hardening leather in a 100% natural way. The technique has been used for corsets and armours long before there were manmade chemicals, and here serves as self-supported upholstery. The general shape of the chair, which is commonly seen in plastic, gets a natural, living and unique materiality.

Nikolaj Steenfatt is a Copenhagen based Furniture – and Product Designer, educated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design in 2013. His work is driven by an interest in materials, surface structures and alternative production processes. Nikolaj find inspiration in intuitive experiments. If you combine this with research and analysis, the experiments can turn into functional design. Good design is for Nikolaj about challenging the process and our expectations for the aesthetic expression, without compromising on the functionality.


2nd - 4.400 EUR 
'Sleep Tight' Cradle
Sofia Chinita & Karin Pereira

A simply poetic design in an area seldom explored by designers. Sleep Tight cradle is made of all natural pressed cork. Using cork in new applications is a way of preserving the cork woods and handcraft as the wine industry is turning to plastic and aluminum.

Sofia Chinita and Karin Pereira work together since they met at Aires Mateus Architects in 2006. They both have their job but at the same time they develop architectural and design projects together. In 2007 they have won the “2nd LIC Lisbon Ideas Challenge” urban design with photovoltaics and in 2012 they have entered “ARTEMAR”, a sea sculpture competition in Estoril focused on a strong ecological message to protect the seas. Their work was amongst the finalists.


Shared 3rd - 2.200 EUR 
'Lin' Tables
Leila Atlassi

Lin tables are simply made of rolled together pieces of linoleum nicely edged with a large seam. The concept puts light on linoleum as a sustainable alternative, in a segment where otherwise many hazardous chemicals are used, and the tables get a very durable surface.

A strong interest in both arts and technology led Leila to become a designer and interior architect. After studying Industrial Design Engineering at Chalmers University of Technology and then Design at HDK, School of Design and Crafts at Gothenburg University, Leila graduated in 2007 with a MFA in Design. Since then she has been working as an interior architect at Wingårdhs Arkitektkontor as well as being involved in various freelance projects.


Shared 3rd - 2.200 EUR 
'Confession' Booth
Nick Ross

An extremely space efficient meeting room for two people, something very sought for in modern open landscape offices. Confession puts the personal analogue and undisturbed discussion in focus.

Nick was born in Scotland in 1986.
Studied at Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen on the Industrial Design programme where he was awarded the Arts & Heritage prize for his graduation project in 2008. In early 2009 Nick moved to Rotterdam to work under Tomáš Gabzdil Libertíny and later moved to Stockholm to work for FRONT until the spring of 2010.
In 2011 Nick became a tutor at Gray’s School of Art and worked there until enrolling on the master’s programme in Interior Architecture and Furniture Design at Konstfack in Stockholm where he received my MFA in 2013. Since graduating Nick have been working as the assistant to Matti Klenell as well as setting up his own studio in 2014.


Shared 3rd - 2.200 EUR 
'Myx' Tables
Jonas Edvard

Can furniture leave an eco-positive footprint? This can actually be possible, for example with the method used in the MYX lamp – letting Oyster mushrooms grow on hemp fibre. After harvest of the mushrooms, enough for a good dinner, the rests that have been linked by the mycelium can be shaped to a lightweight, all natural material with a good story to tell.

Jonas Edvard is a young danish designer working and living in Copenhagen Denmark. Jonas Edvard graduated from the Royal Danish Academy, School of Design in 2013 with a MA in product design.
He works with the development and application of natural materials and design processes. Through his studies, Jonas Edvard has worked with new abilities and possibilities of sustainable materials, challenging tradition and perception. Jonas Edvard has developed an organic textile material called MYX – consisting of Oyster mushroom mycelium and hemp fibres. During his graduation he has developed a lamp in the material that produces food for the consumer before it ends up as a functional light object.